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Erik Bork

I went to a small film school in Ohio (where I grew up), before moving to L.A. and working as an assistant around the Fox lot, eventually landing at Tom Hanks’s then-small production company as a kind of office P.A. While working there, I got my first agent with a spec FRASIER, and then wrote a spec FRIENDS – scripts Tom ended up reading, which convinced him I could write.  He then offered me the amazing opportunity to help him develop the HBO miniseries FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON – which I ended up writing episodes of, and serving as a kind of junior apprentice producer on. A couple years later, I also helped him write and produce BAND OF BROTHERS – with a lot of the same people. This led to a bunch of other writing assignments for Hanks’s company and others,  and a couple gigs on staff of short-lived drama series – and then me developing ideas for shows of my own (spurred by my agents at CAA who continue to be harder to please than almost anyone). I sold some lighter one-hour pitches to networks and wrote pilots which weren’t produced – always wanting to get back to comedy, which the industry didn’t know me for at all. In 2011 I finally wrote a half hour pilot on spec, which I ended up developing with Warren Littlefield’s company and ABC Studios, though it didn’t end up getting made. Now I’m writing an ensemble romantic comedy feature that I want to independently produce. I also teach screenwriting for UCLA Extension, The Writers Store and other places, and blog about it at www.FlyingWrestler.com.

Matthew Giegerich and Chelsea Mize

Prolific comedy screenwriters. Duke University graduates. Writers on the comedy feature Friend Zone (2014) starring Lucas Neff, Maiara Walsh and Blake Silver.

Jack Sekowski

I have a super cool MFA degree from AFI which impresses everyone I meet. A member of the amazing WGAw, I've written screenplays for companies as diverse as Universal Pictures and Disney Feature Animation. I sold the comedy "BEFORE BILLY" to Lawrence Gordon Productions and co-wrote the comedy "WHO'S YOUR DADDY" which was directed by Andy Fickman. (The film that launched his career before he moved on to "The Game Plan," "Race to Witch Mountain," and the upcoming "You Again" with Betty White). My focus is on high concept comedies that strive to touch the heart as much as the funny bone... metaphorically speaking, of course. Don't want any of my pages touching living tissue. Want to avoid infections. Nothing funny about that!  Check out my website for more info and writing samples.

Ashley Scott Meyers

After graduating from college Ashley Scott Meyers moved from his childhood home in Annapolis, Maryland, to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career as a screenwriter.

During his first three years in Los Angeles, Meyers wrote or co-wrote eight feature length screenplays, earned his first few dollars as a screenwriter, and saw two of his original screenplays get produced.

Meyers sold Dish Dogs to 7.23 Productions. Dish Dogs was co-written with long time friend and writing partner, Nathan Ives. It's a semi-fictitious account of their travels across the country working as dish washers ("dish dogs") in various restaurants. Dish Dogs stars Sean Astin, Mattew Lillard, Brian Dennehy, Shannon Elizabeth, Maitland Ward, and Richard Moll.

Independent producer / director Douglas DeMarco produced Meyers' screenplay Reunion which eventually found distribution in some art house theatres around the world.

During his initial years in Los Angeles, Meyers returned to school and earned a Masters degree in Mass Communications, with a screenwriting emphasis, at Cal State, Northridge (CSUN).

Over the next few years Meyers continued to option and sell many screenplays. Some of the highlights include:

Meyers co-wrote a feature comedy script, Turkey Day, with Mark Brown (Barbershop) that was optioned to Evergreen Pictures, LLC (based at Universal).

Man Overboard, also co-written with Nathan Ives, was sold to and produced by Treasure Entertainment. It's a broad comedy anchored in the world of boat sales.

Rushlight, a film noir script Meyers wrote while at CSUN was produced and stars Josh Henderson, Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, and Haley Webb.

Nathan Ives

Writer-Director of It's Not You, It's Me (2013) starring Ross McCall, Joelle Carter and Vivica A. Fox. Other credits include Man Overboard (2008), Reunion (2005) and Dish Dogs (2000).

Boaz Dror

A graduate of the University of Texas, Boaz got his start writing in Animé, forcing English into Japanese mouthflaps on shows such as “Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok,” “UFO Princess Valkyrie,” “Shadow Skill” and “Cyberteam in Akihabara.”

In 2008 Boaz wrote, directed and co-produced his first feature, THE HOLY DEUCE, with a crew he looted from a local home-shopping jewelry channel. Since then he has written a gangster flick for a Bollywood producer, worked in various capacities on independent films and commercials in Los Angeles, Austin & New York City, created a blog about all things celluloid (isleofcinema.com), and been a featured writer for The Second City comedy troupe TMI Hollywood. He currently lives in Hollywood.

Marie Rose

Marie Rose holds a Master of Arts degree in Theater from The University of Texas at El Paso, where she was graduated magna cum laude and Outstanding Graduate Student. She has worked for over fifteen years in Los Angeles as a film and television development consultant and union story analyst for many clients including Walt Disney Studios, MGM/UA, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, New Regency, Village Roadshow, and Icon. Her development notes have helped shape such feature projects ranging from Betty White's career reviving The Proposal to the Academy Award-winning L.A. Confidential and Freddy Got Fingered (the latter was not Marie's fault; she tried to warn them).

Marie’s accomplishments as a writer, producer and director include winning a Walt Disney Fellowship in Screenwriting for her first screenplay, Divine Intervention. Her acceptance into the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women based on her original short script, Father Xmas, resulted in her award-winning AFI-DWW short film starring Dakota Fanning (currently available on iTunes and Amazon). Marie was accepted into the 2009 Producers Guild of America Diversity Workshop based on her original reality television concept submission, The High Roller. Marie’s sexy comedy, Frenching, was unanimously named by judges as the "Best Romantic Comedy" of Gotham Screen and the Broad Humor festivals. Other of Marie’s writings include published work in both children’s and women’s fiction. Marie is a proud member of industry affiliations including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Alliance of Women Directors, Screen Actors Guild and IATSE Local 700 Story Analysts Guild. Contact at: IndieRoseFilms.com

Eric Myers

Eric Myers has been a freelance script reader since 2002. To this date, he has read more than a thousand scripts and even more query letters.

Eric's script SHADOWPLAY (Co-written by Nicholas Pallos) was produced by Redshell Entertainment in 2007. He writes screenplays in a number of genres, and is currently polishing a romantic comedy.

In 2008 Eric founded the script consultation service, Script Doctor Eric. So far he has helped hundreds of screenwriters take their scripts to the next level and would be happy to help you. Please see his website for more details.

Craig Sabin

The Night Girl (2009), Hot Date (2006).

Christy Murphy

Pop Rock Comedian Christy Murphy combines smart, quirky stand-up with funny, catchy pop songs. Think Sarah Silverman, but replace the shocking hilarity with a deeply funny sincerity.

The LA Times called her comedy show "a kindler, gentler, more thoughtful comedy night," and she has been named both LA Weekly's "Pick of the Week" and "Best of LA."

As a comedian, she has been on numerous television and radio shows including CNN’s Showbiz Today, Australia’s Seven News, CBS News, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Her writing has appeared in award-winning newspapers and national magazines such as Cat Fancy, the Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, and Pulp Magazine. Her debut, studio album, "Feeling Good Looking Good" is available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Raymond Lai

Raymond C. Lai was born, named and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. Nourished on a steady, intraocular diet of sitcoms, cartoons and B-grade cinema, he developed an insatiable appetite for the moving picture at a very young age. Relocating to sunny, southern California, Lai began making his own short films, much to the delight of some of his high school classmates, a few faculty members, and zero parents.

Upon graduating high school, he found himself at UCLA, where he met a group of like-minded folks in the theater group Lapu, the Coyote that Cares. He wrote numerous short plays for the stage to a bit more peer acclaim, and decided to dedicate himself fully to the art of storytelling.

2005 brought some good news when a spec script that he and his writing partner wrote was selected as a finalist for the FOX sponsored CAPE New Writers Award. With this renewed sense of confidence, Lai set his eyes on the next level, directing.

In 2006, Raymond enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Here he learned how to put his written words into the mouths of actors and the eyes of cameras, and found he had quite a knack for weaving comedy with a sense of pathos.

Lai now lives in Long Beach with his beautiful wife Sarah. He is honored to be a part of the 2011 class of Project:Involve, and armed with the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last few decades, he's ready for action. Excelsior!